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Metal Dome is made of one or more pieces of Metal shrapnel attached to a piece of PET that you can tear off directly from the release film and attach very firmly to your product.This method of assembly is easy to install, low cost, low contact resistance, anti-oxidation and wear resistance, high life, and can replace the light touch switch.
Metal Dome can be customized according to customer product requirements, It can be attached to PCB or silicone.There are two common structures.
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Cruciform metal dome refers to its Four legs, so it is also called four-leg metal dome.At present, the maximum life span of the cruciform pot pieces produced by our company can reach more than 1 million times.Its no matter in the life, or the use of hand, are far beyond the round metal dome.Cruciform metal dome have been widely used in a variety of single and double-sided circuit boards, flexible lines, film switches, medical equipment and other high-end electronic products accessories.



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