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Air Slot Exhaust Φ5-Round Waist Metal Dome | Dongchen

Metal Dome is made of one or more pieces of Metal shrapnel attached to a piece of PET that you can tear off directly from the release film and attach very firmly to your product.This method of assembly is easy to install, low cost, low contact resistance, anti-oxidation and wear resistance, high life, and can replace the light touch switch.
Metal Dome can be customized according to customer product requirements, It can be attached to PCB or silicone.There are two common structures.
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Air groove exhaust: Venting slot design between shrapnel and shrapnel compartment:

In air sport,dome is called a "Venting slot" and is important for the proper functioning of the Dome.The lack of this venting slot can cause poor handling and affect the function of the switch.Although this design is not required for every applicable product, it is desirable in almost all applications.When you press on the pan, the air gets trapped under it.Therefore, when we press the metal dome, it is recommended to make the venting slot in the Dome in order to avoid the air compression under it.



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