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Metal Dome is made of one or more pieces of Metal shrapnel attached to a piece of PET that you can tear off directly from the release film and attach very firmly to your product.This method of assembly is easy to install, low cost, low contact resistance, anti-oxidation and wear resistance, high life, and can replace the light touch switch.
Metal Dome can be customized according to customer product requirements, It can be attached to PCB or silicone.There are two common structures.

Metal dome according to the customer's demand to choose Japanese Fuji shrapnel, the peak of dome upwards,which is different from china , the peak adown.


We currently use stainless steel 301 Japanese and Korean materials as the base material of the metal dome. According to the customer's requirements, we have three kinds of nickel plating, silver plating and gold plating.These three are generally in the metal shrapnel contact surface electroplating, of course, there are also double-sided electroplating.Its main function is to reduce the impedance and increase the conductivity of the product.From small to large, the contact resistance is: electroplating (AU), electroplating silver (AG), resistance nickel (NI).



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