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Comprehensive Quality Control Continuous Improvement Customer First Pursuit of Excellence

Comprehensive quality control:

quality control for everyone, quality control at all times, quality control from time to time;

Continuous improvement:

Use PDCA management cycle to continuously improve quality;

Customer First:

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the company's operations

Pursuit of excellence:

Pursuing high-tech, surpassing ourselves and surpassing the times.
In order to ensure the quality of the products, all staff of the company promised to implement a comprehensive quality management system to achieve the goals of cost savings, quality improvement, and prevention of non-conforming products. All employees of the company must understand the company's quality management system, perform their duties in accordance with the contents of the management manual, and jointly implement and maintain the company's quality policy.

Quality policy

In order to ensure the implementation and implementation of this quality 
policy, all employees of the company must do the following:


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