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Dongguan Dongchen Electronics Co.,Ltd., founded in 2007, is a set of design, research and development, production, sales, service as one of the electronic hardware manufacturing and processing enterprises.The company specializes in the production and sales of Metal dome, Poly dome, membrane switch, die cutting accessories, widely used in remote control, bank U shield, POS machine, bluetooth, mobile phone, intercom, digital camera, game machine, point reader, transmitter, measuring instrument, keyboard and other fields.
The company has a standardized production base of more than 6000 square meters, 10,000 grade dust-free workshop, equipped with a full set of advanced production equipment and testing equipment, to ensure the quality of products and supply cycle.
Dongchen is committed to the improvement and innovation of technology, has a group of technical and management backbone with more than 5 years of experience in the industry, directly involved in the early development and design of customers, is the domestic and foreign many remote control, mobile phone solution company designated or key recommended pot small piece button partners.Our long-term direct or indirect service to foxconn, philips, flextronics, UEI and other domestic and foreign customers, is the field of customers recognized one of the best partners.
Dongchen business philosophy: quality first, service first!
Dongchen development goal: more professional, more efficient, become an industry leader!



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