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We can customize conductive film/metal dome film according to different requirements of customers.It's multiple pieces of metal dome on a piece of PET, which you can tear out of the mold paper and stick firmly to your product.This method of assembly is very fast and easy, which can save a lot of cost.It can also prevent lamination and splicing.
Our custom metal dome conductive film is generally able to be made according to the size of the customer, Our engineers have been researching and developing a variety of products.
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Metal Dome:

Metal Dome is made of one or more pieces of Metal shrapnel attached to a piece of PET that you can tear off directly from the release film and attach very firmly to your product.This method of assembly is easy to install, low cost, low contact resistance, anti-oxidation and wear resistance, high life, and can replace the light touch switch.

Metal Dome  can be customized according to customer product requirements, It can be attached to PCB or silicone.There are two common structures.

Structure One: double-layer structure adhesive conductive film

MYLAR + SPACER + DOME + Protect film


1. Mylar

2. Spacer

3. Metal Dome

4. Protect film 

This is a commonly used double-layer structure, which is directly attached to the PCB.The top layer is Mylar, and the bottom is Spacer.Mylar is completely overlaid on Spacer, with the purpose of preventing external dust from entering the operating space and thus stabilizing the conductivity of the conductive film.

On Spacer, there is usually an air-tight design between the domes, with blowhole exhaust and slot exhaust.To increase the feel and prolong the life of the role.

5. Structure Two : Rubber adhesive conductive film

6. RUBBER + MYLAR + SPACER + DOME + Protect film


1.Rubber (Double-sided adhesive)



4.Metal Dome

5.Product film 

Rubber conductive film is stick rubber on MYLAR of double conductive film. Therefore, it can be firmly attached to the Keypad and not easy to tear off.  It is also called  as  onconductive film. 

dimensional tolerance


positioning hole to positioning hole(mm)

Positioning hole to shape(mm)

Shape to shape(mm)

Hole diameter(mm)

Positioning hole to metal dome(mm)

metal dome to metal dome(mm)


Manual sample







Mould sample







2. Product delivery

Manual sample: 3 to 5 working days

Mold sample: 3 working days after the return of the mold



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