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Introduction to mobile snap domes

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Mobile phone metal domes is the metal snap dome under the phone buttons, It is in a certain arc, the convex surface is facing up, the concave surface is facing down to contact the PCB/FPC board, and it plays a conductive role between the glue button and the bottom circuit board. Because its shape is similar to an upside-down pot, it is also called "snap domes". It has a main button (that is, the number keys and function keys that you usually touch) and side buttons (usually refers to the metal snap dome button on the side of the phone, such as controlling the volume. Button).

The material of custom metal domes is generally stainless steel, and the hardness is generally between 350HV and 550HV. After die stamping and forming, the finished product is finished after relevant cleaning.

The surface of the mobile phone metal domes is generally not specially treated, and it is bare stainless steel. Because the lines on the surface of the bare material are uneven, the resistance value generated when the current passes through it is unstable and the resistance value is relatively large. If the resistance is required to be stable and the resistance is low, then the surface of the metal snap dome must undergo special treatment. The current market is generally nickel-plated and silver-plated, and the resistance can be controlled within 1 ohm.

Mobile phone metal snap dome currently all use round and waist (or oval), the most commonly used diameters are 4mm and 5mm. There are also 2.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm. The usual strength is 130gf, 160gf, 180gf. (gf: Gram force). According to whether there is a concave/convex point (English name: dimple) in the center of the snap dome of the mobile phone, it is divided into dotted and non-dotted. Generally, nickel-plated metal snap dome is mostly dotted, while silver-plated snap dome is mostly pointless, and stainless steel metal dome has both.

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