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Introduction To Custom Metal Dome

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Metal dome is a small button that is indispensable in our lives today. For example, metal dome is needed on mobile phone buttons. It will appear in different forms on different types of products. For example, it can be applied to mobile phones with double-layer stickers on mobile phones. Each required key position, on the switch, it will enter the switch and act as a metal dome.

metal dome

The custom metal dome seems to be very few, but it is very useful. It can play a central role everywhere. The principle structure is very simple. When it is subjected to a downward force, it will form a downward recess, and the current will pass to complete the work, which means that the product completes a certain operation in the instant the custom metal dome current passes.

It seems that two custom metal domes that are exactly the same are actually used differently. The reason is that the selected materials are all stainless steel, so they look the same. But there are many kinds of stainless steel and other materials can be added, so it will form a custom metal dome with different functions.

The strength of custom metal dome mainly includes 130gf, 150gf, 160gf, 180gf, 200gf, 250gf, 260gf, 280gf, 300gf, 320gf, 360gf, the above-listed are all ordinary custom metal dome strengths, and there are several more special custom metal dome The strengths of 60gf, 90gf, 400gf, 800gf, 1000gf, 1600gf, 3000gf, etc. are generally these custom metal domes on the market. Of course, there are other strengths custom metal dome, because the custom metal dome is a special customized type. The material can be made according to the intensity required by the customer.

The lifespan of custom metal dome buttons is also different. The ordinary custom metal dome has 50,000 times, 100,000 times, 200,000 times, 500,000 times, 800,000 times, and 1 million times. However, the domestic custom metal dome generally does not reach the life span of one million times, and the custom metal dome with special needs can reach 8 million times or more.

The surface of custom metal dome can also be processed, such as silver plating, tin plating, gold plating, etc. The surface treatment increases the gloss of custom metal dome, resistance to oxidation and so on. In order to better fix the metal dome with other products, the custom metal dome will have contacts to increase the friction between the custom metal dome and the buttons.


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