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Snap Dome Sticker Design

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snap dome sticker

Dongchen is a professional custom snap dome manufacturer & supplier, which can custom metal/snap domes that meet customer requirements according to the customer's requirements for resistance. Dongchen has not only focused on the production of snap dome for many years, but also carried out research and development and design of snap dome sticker.

The snap dome sticker, which is a piece of PET sheet containing snap dome, is used as a switch on PCB or FPC and other circuit boards, and plays an important tactile switch between the user and the instrument. The guozi on the patch is located on the conductive part of the PCB (above the golden fingers). When pressed, the center point of the guozi is concave and touches the circuit of the PCB, thus forming a loop. The current passes through, and the whole product can be normal jobs.

About the design of snap dome sticker:

1. When designing, pay attention to the gap between the snap dome  and snap dome, between the snap dome and the mechanism hole, or the shape. It is best to keep the gap above 0.5mm to prevent dust from entering during use and causing poor conduction.

2. Strength, the size of the snap dome is selected according to the different products of the customer, the small strength is 100g, 160g, 180g, 200g and up, 250g, 280g, 300g, 350g, etc. It is recommended to use low-load 130g keys for the full keyboard. Ordinary remote control, mobile phone keys, generally use 160g or 180g, anti-theft device, commonly used 200g, and large instruments, buttons on the equipment, often use more than 250g strength.

3. In order to prevent the phenomenon of "too large gap and heavy pressure" or "too small gap and topping", it is recommended that the gap between the pot slice and the key guide post be reserved for 0.1mm in the design. The assembly of the remaining parts needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation.

Dongchen produces one-stop service for snap dome and snap dome stickers. If you need to order, contact me!


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