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The Working Principle Of Light Guide Film

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The light guide film is an optical film used to change the direction of light, improve the brightness of the panel, and ensure the uniformity of the panel brightness. It turns a point light source into a surface light source. Its main working principle is to use light reflection and refraction through special The optical software is designed to do microstructure processing on the optical fiber film, which destroys the condition of total reflection, and makes the light beam propagate from the medium at the required angle and density, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform light emission.


In terms of R&D and technology of light guide film products

1. Professional design simulation software;

2. Complete quality testing equipment;

3. The experienced R&D team avoids some unforeseen defects in the product due to experience design.

light guide film suppliers can independently design light guide film for customers according to different product requirements, carry out software light guide film simulation analysis, surface grayscale test, and improve backlight structure for the light-emitting effect of light guide film.

The advantages of using ultra-thin light guide film are as follows:

1. Lightweight, soft, and thin, the general thickness is 0.125mm.

2. Save LED lights and save power consumption. Generally, only two LED lights are needed for a small-area backlight.

3. Make the button light-emitting effect more even.

4. The structure itself has no requirements for the circuit part, and the physical stability is good.

5. Combined with the metal film button, it does not affect Dome's pressing touch.


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