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Detection items of metal snap dome

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For the button test and the bare test of the metal snap dome under the button, the general metal domes test requires the manufacturer to guarantee more than one million times, the strike speed is 2-3 beats per second, the strike force is 400G, and the test head is Flat head, the diameter is 1.5MM.

If the general national standard for direct button testing is 100,000 times, we can count the life of a general mobile phone as five years, which is basically super enough. If you are not assured, you can test it.

The factory provides free metal snap dome testing and testing, mainly testing the following items.

1) Appearance (clean, no burrs, burrs, and fronts).

2) Strength (use strength tester or curve meter for testing).

3) Test its resistance and stability.

4) Press a few with your hands, and press a few more times to see if the rebound effect will cause a dead Key phenomenon, that is, you can't get it back when you press it.

If it is a finished metal dome array, a few more points should be added:

5) Is the metal dome array clean and dirty?

6) Are there any missing snap domes or double sanp domes?

7) Whether the position of the metal dome is consistent with the drawing (just take the drawing or compare it with a PCB board)

8) If there is printing, then take a look at the quality of the printing and whether the thickness of the silk screen is the same.

9) Others, such as structural holes, shape, etc.



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