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Several causes of poor contact in metal dome

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  If the metal dome contact poorly, can use the weight tester to test the  height, strength and rebound. Low height or rebound deviation all likely to cause the metal dome contact poorly, adjust the height and rebound can  solve the problem.

Check whether the contact point of the silica gel button matched with the metal dome is too big. If it is too big, it will also cause contact poorly, this can be done by reducing the diameter of the contact point.

 Check whether the distance between the contact point of the silicone key and the PCB board is appropriate. Too big or too small will all affect the feel of the pressing.

Check the assembly of metal dome is off-center or not.the metal dome are manually assembled on the PCB board,there will be some deviation.If the deviation is too large, it will cause the bad contact of the metal dome. When assembling, it can fit the metal dome with the fixture and the positioning hole, so as to reduce the deviation of assembling as much as possible.

 after the assembly of metal dome, some customers will stick a layer of film on it, if the film thickness is relatively large will also cause bad pressure and contact of metal dome.

Above are several reasons that cause the metal dome contact poorly.The feeling of metal dome is not only related to shape, strength, elasticity and stroke, but also has a certain relationship with the matching and assembly of silicone keys.The feel of mobile phone metal dome is the most direct feeling of consumers, the quality of the feel is related to the turnover of the whole product.


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