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3m Light Guide Film

LGF light guide film/light guide plate is to add a layer of LGF on the existing ordinary double-layer structure to achieve a good light distribution effect.The working principle of LGF light guide film/light guide plate is to make use of the reflection and refraction principle of light and combine with the design of special optical software to do the microstructure processing on the optical fiber thin film, so as to expand the "point light source" to "surface light source".The beam propagates from the medium at the right Angle and density, thus achieving the excellent effect of uniform luminescence.The design of LGF conductive film/light guide can reduce the design of several LED lights, and solve the problems of uneven brightness distribution, high power consumption, large space occupancy, high cost and other aspects.

product structure:


3m Light Guide Film

Product Structure:

1. Shading film (black and white single-sided adhesive)

2. LGF(optical PC)

3. The water glue (3 m7533)

4. Covering layer (Mylar)

5. Spacer

6. Metal Dome

7. Protective film

The structure of this product is more complicated, generally there is a light-shielding film, then LGF, water glue, covering layer and gasket, and finally a metal dome and protective film3m

 Light Guide Film

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