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Halogen-free printing conducts electricity

POLY DOME (Card position assembly):
Through the positioning hole and silica gel column positioning, no need to paste, cheap!When the key is pressed, the contact center is concave. The conductive paste printed on the contact contacts with the circuit on the PCB, thus forming a circuit, so that the whole product can work normally.

Poly Dome:

Poly Dome is a hot pressed convex hull printed on PET film with silver/carbon pulp to form a pressing function.Press to connect PCB circuit board effect.Poly Dome can replace Metal Dome, which with good handling, low cost and compatible with all kinds of circuit boards.

We can make products of different specifications according to customers' requirements.In fact, such products are made according to the customer's drawings or requirements, there is no so-called standard parts or inventory, etc.However,

in combination with the conventional conductive film industry, according to the different product structure,we can be divided into the following four structures:

 Structure 1: double-sided adhesive tape +PET+SPACER+ conductive point


1. The back glue

2. The DOME (PET)

3. Spacer

4. Conductive point

 SPACER was a single side adhesive and POLY DOME adhesive silicone.It can stick firmly under the silicone (Keypad), not easy to tear off.Also known as a conductive film.

 Structure 2: RUBBER RUBBER RUBBER +PET+SPACER+ conductive point

 1. The double-sided adhesive

2. The DOME (PET)

3. Spacer

4. Conductive point

 On and lower lamination assembly, namely lamination with silica gel, and lamination with PCB board, the firmness is great!

 Structure 3: PET + SPACER + conductive point



2. (Spacer)

3. conductive point

SPACER is double-sided tape, POLY DOME sticks to PCB board.

 Structure 4: PET + SPACER + conductive point



2. (Spacer)

3. conductive point

 SPACER is a single-sided adhesive, POLY DOME card position assembly.



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