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Why Do Metal Dome Have Contacts?

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In the early days, the metal dome did not have dots. Now many metal domes have one or more contacts, which can increase the friction between the product and the snap dome. There is also a special metal dome with four contacts. The three peripheral contacts are used to be stuck in a fixed position by the product, and will not deviate from the original position due to excessive operating force or contact with slippery things.

The custom metal dome without dots was developed early, and currently, not many customers use this metal dome. Without dots, there will be no resistance when used, which will cause the metal dome to shift. According to users’ reactions, if the same product is used without a little bit, many people will say that the product will be broken after a few days. In fact, it is not that the product is broken, but the switch fails. A more accurate answer is that the metal dome has shifted.

There are several reasons for the displacement of the metal dome, such as contact with slippery things, the force is greater than the resistance, the product does not give the metal dome a fixed position, and the pot has deviated during assembly. When the first two are completed, it is caused by the metal dome without dots. Without dots, we can easily think that the resistance of foreign objects is small. If you don’t know, you can add the same horsepower to a stroller to drive a distance on smooth ground and a distance on rough ground. Observe whether it is faster on the smooth ground or on rough ground. It's easy to imagine that on smooth ground, you need to be fast. Faster means less resistance. Slower means more resistance. In the same way, the resistance of a smooth metal dome back is less than that of a metal dome with dots.

The custom snap dome is divided into several types of general metal domes with one contact and five contacts. Only the special metal dome has four contacts (because the metal dome is a customized product, how many contacts are there? The special requirements are determined by product factors). Generally, the three contacts of this metal dome are used to clamp the metal dome to form a better fixing effect.


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