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Why Choose Our Light Guide Film?

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As a leading light guide film manufacturer in China, Dongchen specializes in the production of light guide film and provides one-stop solutions.

Advantages of our light guide film

1. More uniform light guide area, no visible dot (granular) distribution! Diyuan has a proprietary light guide microstructure (patented technology) design method. The new microstructure is more conducive to the transparent design of the keyboard and improves the light energy utilization rate of the keyboard! NEW!

2. Our light guide film is made by hot pressing process. The precise optical dots or micro prism structure on the mold are copied to the surface of the film such as PC. The optical micro structure can effectively refract the light that is totally reflected into the PC film and out of the PC. The surface of the film. It is more environmentally friendly than printing and has higher light guide efficiency.

3. Fast design and proofing ability: In the research and development and technology of light guide products, we can independently design ultra-thin light guide devices of different shapes and colors for customers according to different product requirements, and carry out optical simulation analysis and improvement of backlight structure. Using cutting-edge MEMS technology, for the mobile phone keypad light source 1#8722; 4 LED lights, through the optical design method, the key surface can be illuminated uniformly and softly and high brightness can be obtained. For other large keyboards, it supports the rapid design, proofing and mass production of various large-size microstructure light guide devices.

3. With the international leading level and independent precision mold manufacturing capabilities: with excellent LIGA process equipment and UV molding equipment (laser etching, precision mold molding, micro-optical lithography, nano imprinting process, precision screen printing, UV nano-pressure Printing, precision punching and optical inspection, the largest format can reach 40".


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