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What Kind Of Metal Dome Is Suitable For Making Arrays?

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DongChen is a professional custom metal dome manufacturer China, mainly providing one-stop services such as metal domes, metal dome arrays, etc. Below DongChen will explain to you that the metal domes are suitable for making metal dome arrays?

Metal dome arrays are a layer of rubber dome with metal dome underneath. Round metal dome is the most commonly used in the conductive film of metal dome. For example, the buttons of our mobile phones use round metal shrapnel. The cross-shaped metal dome is often used in membrane switches, and he uses a lot in this regard. Triangular metal dome is most commonly used with feet, and generally does not need to be made into conductive film. Of course, some customers now make single KEY conductive film without feet and apply them to switches.

With the current technological development, from digital, mobile phones and other high-tech products to various industries, our metal dome arrays are used. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


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