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What is the difference between metal domes and metal dome arrays?

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Metal domes are the raw materials of the metal dome array. But in some cases, metal domes can also be used alone. The metal dome array is a sheet with multiple metal domes and PET. The position of the metal domes is determined by the position of the PAD on the circuit board. At the same time, pay attention to avoiding air and positioning holes with other electronic components.

A button circuit composed of a single metal dome often has only one circuit closed-loop and function. The metal dome array composed of multiple metal domes can simultaneously support various signal transmissions and ordering. Now, it is sporadic to use metal domes alone instead of metal dome array. In terms of cost, a metal dome array is even more cost-effective than an independent metal dome.

The above is the difference between metal dome arrays and metal domes. We are a professional dome manufacturer committed to providing customers with the best service. If necessary, please get in touch with us.


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