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What Are The Types Of Metal Domes?

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The main function of the film button is the button. The button is composed of film, metal domes and circuit. There are many types of metal domes. We use metal metal domes in the button, which is more in line with the needs of the button. Let me give you a brief introduction. What are the types of metal domes.

The metal dome of the membrane button is also called the clay pot. It is made of thin and hard stainless steel 304 or 301. If distinguished by shape, they are: oval metal dome, triangular metal dome, and cross-shaped metal dome, round metal dome, the strength varies from 100g to 600gf, the diameter is from 3mm to 20mm, if there are other requirements, you need to make it according to the drawings, there is no problem, we usually use the cross-shaped metal domes in the button, because it More suitable for our products. It is also more convenient to use. In terms of resistance requirements, the metal dome also has various surface treatment methods such as nickel plating, silver plating, and gold plating to control the resistance value.

The above is the type of metal domes. If you need custome film buttons can contact us - Dongchen, custom metal dome manufacturer in China, speed proofing, complete and delivery within 5 days.


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