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What Are The Materials Of Metal Dome

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The metal dome is made of stainless steel. The metal dome can be made into double-layer or single-layer metal dome stickers and full-page stickers, which improves the experience effect, facilitates quick assembly, and can accurately locate the conductive parts on the metal dome switch PCB board.

Conventional metal dome are generally waist-shaped, round, cross-shaped, triangular, rectangular, and the diameter and strength are determined by your needs. As long as you provide drawings, we provide free proofing services. The diameter of the metal dome is usually 3mm to 20mm, and the strength is usually 100gf to 600gf, and the strength can be increased to 6000gf (made of special materials) if there are special needs. Put several metal domes together in a certain order and use PET tape to install them. This has the advantage of convenient assembly and accurate positioning.

Each custom metal dome on the metal dome sticker and the conductive parts on the PCB board (mostly located above the finger of the metal dome on the circuit board), the center of the dome will form a convex point. When the finger is pressed, the metal dome will be concave downward. Into a pathway. The metal dome sticker fixes each metal dome directly above the conductive part, and will not deviate from the position due to the operator's pressing more. Secondly, the metal dome sticker has a double-layer structure, and the operator will feel comfortable when pressing it, and will not be hard. a feeling of. The choice of metal dome material. Everyone knows that the metal dome is made of stainless steel, but the endless rigid material is not specific. For example, the functions of SUS 301 and SUS 304 are not the same. Metal dome stainless steel material and SUS 430 are used. The functions of the three materials are different.

SUS301 has good elasticity, high carbon content and good hardness. However, ductility is lacking and it is not suitable for industrial products. If it is used for mobile phones, keyboards and other products, SUS301 is the best choice. The conductivity and stability of SUS301 is better than SUS304 and SUS430, but the elasticity is not good. This material is not suitable for use in products that require flexibility, such as mobile phones.

SUS304 is suitable for soldering directly on the PCB board. SUS430 is not commonly used, it contains many impurities, and the stainless steel is impure, resulting in unstable hardness. There are mainly three kinds of metal dome materials. For special needs, other materials can be added to SUS301, SUS304, and SUS430 to increase hardness, conductivity, and elasticity.


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