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Understand the category of metal domes (2)

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Although the round snap domes are the most miniature metal domes, their feel and quality are less than other ones. Its only disadvantage is that there is no apparent sense of passage and sound feedback when pressing down and bouncing. However, the configuration used by many electrical appliance manufacturers is a silent version, so the round metal domes are still very popular.

Another type of metal domes is cross-shaped metal domes. It is a metal dome with the most extended pressing stroke. When you press, you can feel a distinct sense of segmentation an    d a crisp sound. Overall, the press feedback effect of these metal domes is the best. However, due to the design of the cross-shaped tripod, its volume is also the largest. It is not suitable to use this type of metal domes on devices with dense button layouts.

All aspects of the design and layout of the touch switch will affect the product's overall performance. But the life of the product is primarily determined by the quality of the metal domes. And the manufacturer will integrate multiple metal domes into a metal dome array. As long as one metal dome is damaged, we cannot use the entire metal dome array. Therefore, the quality of the metal dome determines the overall quality and service life of the product.


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