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Understand the category of metal domes (1)

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The touch switch is a button with a high frequency of use, and it appears on almost every occasion in our lives. People press and use the touch switch frequently. Therefore, the metal domes responsible for feedback and rebound in the tact switch are particularly important.

There are many types of metal domes. According to different shapes, it can be divided into many different types of metal domes. This article will introduce you to the relevant content.

Standard dome switches on the market mainly include round, cross, triangle, and oval. Different shapes of dome switches have different characteristics. The round snap domes are the most miniature metal domes. It is widely used on various occasions, and there are circular snap domes on almost every TV remote control and air conditioner remote control. Due to the high frequency of these buttons, high-quality circular snap domes are needed as support to ensure the long life of the buttons. But metal domes are still the parts with the highest damage rate. It is because long-term and high-frequency pressing will reduce the service life of metal domes.

It is essential to choose high-quality metal domes for your product. It can extend the service life of the product and reduce the defect rate of the product.


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