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The Relationship Between Snap Dome And Metal Dome Arrays

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There is an inevitable relationship between snap dome and metal dome arrays . Whether it is understood literally or from a product perspective, a snap dome is a part of metal dome arrays. Before introducing these two products, take a look at the diagram of the snap dome and metal dome arrays. Through the picture, we can understand them more clearly and easier to understand the text below.

Circle shape metal dome

                                            Snap Dome


                        Metal Dome Arrays

Through the above two pictures, we clearly see that the snap dome is part of metal dome arrays. In fact, the snap dome is not only a part of the sticker but also an important part. In the early days when the snap dome was born, there were no metal dome arrays. Later, in order to solve the problem of deviation from the original position, stickers appeared. The previous sticker was to fix the snap dome function, but now the sticker has changed from a single-layer to a double-layer structure, which not only improves the fixing effect but also improves the handling problem. The snap dome can be used on the product alone or with stickers. There is also a specific snap dome that can be directly welded to the product.
The role of the snap dome in the product is to conduct electricity. The purpose to be achieved is to pass current during operation to complete a certain operation. The material used in the early snap dome is iron. Iron is easy to oxidize, and its elasticity and resilience are relatively high. Poor, and later changed to stainless steel to make up for these defects.
In order to achieve a better fixation of the back straps or edge straps of the custom snap dome , the snap dome with pins and soldered on the circuit board or circuit board later appeared directly. Its purpose is to better fix it on the conductive part of the product and not deviate from its original position during operation. Double-layer metal dome arrays not only play a certain fixed effect, but also solve the problems of assembly difficulties and operating feel, and become one of the most common products used on buttons today.


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