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The color of the metal dome array

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The color of the metal dome array


The metal dome array is generally divided into two colors. One is white, the other is colorless and transparent. However, EMI light guide sheets can also be added according to the customer's customization.


The color of the double-layer metal dome array depends on the color of the spacer, and the color of the single-layer metal dome array is determined by the Mylar layer.


If you choose a white metal dome array, after the PCB is assembled, the other parts of the PCB will be blocked by white, except for the vacancies on the Dome array. And the transparent Metal Dome Array can see other parts of the PCB board. The choice of this part is mainly determined according to your needs.


For example, if the PCB is related to lighting or part of the content needs to be covered, we recommend choosing a white Metal Dome Array. If you need to see the PCB under the Metal Dome Array during operation, or if there is no requirement for lighting, we recommend the colorless and transparent Metal Dome Array.


The above is the knowledge of the color of the Metal Dome Array. If you have more questions, please consult our staff. We not only produce Metal Dome Array, but we also provide the best dome. As dome and metal, we are experts in this area. We will give you the most professional answer.


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