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The characteristics of the PCB circuit board

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Dome film, also known as metal dome array/Dome Array conductive film (Metal dome array/Dome Array in English), is a PET plastic sheet containing metal dome (Dome Array), according to the corresponding circuit board The PAD (pad) position is used to arrange the position of each metal shrapnel/cooking plate, and other components are used to set the corresponding avoidance positions and positioning holes.

The Dome chip is used as a switch on PCB or FPC and other circuit boards, and it plays a vital role as a tactile switch between the user and the instrument. Compared with standard silica gel keys, the conductive film has a better feel, longer life. It can indirectly improve the production efficiency of various types of switches that use conductive film. 


We generally use PCB circuit board automatic pot-sticking equipment, suitable for all kinds of pot-stickers, button-button pot-stickers, remote-control pot-stick chips, and PCB board automatic pot-stickers. This processing method is efficient and accurate, and the yield is very high.


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