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The Advantages Of Using Light Guide Film

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Light Guide Film

Light Guide Film can reduce the cost of backlight components of mobile phones, save backlight power consumption, and overcome problems in backlight applications. Light Guide Film is widely used in electronic devices because it has many advantages. So what are its advantages that are loved by electronics manufacturers?

The advantages of using Light Guide Film are as follows:

1. Light weight, soft, thin thickness, thickness 0.125mm, used in mobile phones, different from the light guide plate will take up more space.

2. Save LED lights and power consumption. Generally, the small-area backlight of mobile phones only needs two side-light LED lights.

3. Good backlight effect.

4. The structure itself has no special requirements for the circuit part.

5. Good physical stability, wear resistance and long service life.

6. Combined with metal film buttons (MDF: Metal Dome Foil), it does not affect the touch feeling of Dome film.

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