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Remote control button function summary

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Remote control button function summary

In the daily use of the remote control, we will often encounter such a problem, some brands of remote control manufacturers launched on the remote control has different remote control terminology keys, some of the terms on the remote control function keys mean what?Today Anruichuang intelligent remote control Xiaobian here to give you a summary of the remote control button function description:

Power Power Standby Shutdown button. Press this button to switch between power-on and standby in turn

Input state system working mode switch key, according to the mode switch operation instructions to switch between the modes freely

Set button of SLEEP shutdown time, continuously press the button to select the automatic shutdown time

Mute button. Press this button in each state to turn on or off the sound

Info screen display information display key, display each state and working mode information

Smode Audio Audio mode selection key, loop toggle and select audio playback effect

Pmode image mode selection key, loop switch and select video playback effect

System main MENU key, press this key to enter the system MENU to adjust the relevant items

To EXIT the system main menu or action item

OK OK key for operation of any state mode left or right direction selection key up/down direction selection key up and down

VOL+/- Volume +/- Volume adjustment keys, increasing and decreasing the size of the sound

CH+/- Program +/- TV program selection keys, increasing and decreasing buttons for TV programs

Recall key to cycle between the two most recently selected stations

1~9 numeric keys, 0~9 directly input the digital channel to select the TV program (TV status)

0~9 directly enter the number after the selection of disc program (DVD status)

-/-- Channel selection key for more than ten digits, directly select programs between 10 and 99 (TV status)

10 + digit track switch key, directly select between 10~99 tracks (DVD status)

For example: the program with more than 10 digits can be first pressed "--", and then pressed 0~9 digit keys to select the program number

DVB operation instructions

OK List /OK key


EPG program preview

LANG DVB language switching

FAV preferences button

SUB. PG DVB subtitle


TV/ Audio TV and radio switch other keys do not need to do then press CVT-T.MSD306.2B Basic operations.

DVD operation (transcoding, requiring T.MSD306 control)

Info DVD status, DISPLAY key of DVD (composite motherboard function DISPLAY, motherboard function DISPLAY is useless in DVD status)

D. SB/SD DVD working mode switch key, continuously press this key to switch between disc, U disk and SD card working mode (DVD state)

List (D.Sub) subtitle key, press this button to change subtitle language of DVD disc (DVD state)

D. Setup setting key, enter DVD system setting menu (DVD status)

D. Menu menu play button, press this button to enter the menu play function, press again to return to the original player point;Play the VCD

Disc, PBC can be switched on and off

D. IELE title title play key, press this key to enter the title play function (DVD status)

D. dio sound channel sound switch button, left and right sound channel or audio language switch (DVD status)

TV/ Radio (GOTO) selection time compound key skip select play key, press this key can enter the selection of title/chapter/time

Click playback (DVD status)

Fast forward key, DVD status fast forward to play the program

Fast rewind button, DVD status fast rewind to play programs

Last song on a key, DVD status search to play last song/last chapter section content

Next song Next song key, DVD status search to play the next song/next chapter content

Play/pause play and pause button, DVD state can make the picture into the pause state, press the stop button to return to play state again, DVD state, normal playback, press this button, into the memory playback state, such as press the play button, can continue to play at the stop point just now;If you press the button for two consecutive times, you will enter the stop playing table. At this time, press the play button again and you will start playing from the beginning (DVD status).

D. Rep Repeat button. Press this button once to perform a single/chapter/full disc/title repeat, and press twice to cancel the repeat.

(DVD status)

FM status (straight code, no LT712C control required)

Mode MODE key clock and FM MODE switch key, short press this key to switch clock and radio MODE;Long press this button

Enter the time setting state (FM state)

Clock LCD display, alarm set and cancel keys, short press this key cycle display time/alarm 1/ alarm 2 Settings

Set time, long press to enter alarm 1/ alarm 2 setting mode (FM mode) in turn.

Up/Down clock and FM setup operation and FM program switch key (FM status)

The above is the function of the remote control summary, if there is anything not clear we can do in Anruichuang intelligent remote control organ online message board to communicate with each other.

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