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Related analysis report of metal dome

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Metal shrapnel has been widely used in current electronic products due to its small volume and lightweight. For example, the application scope includes household appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, digital products, remote controls, medical equipment, etc. However, there will be some shortcomings in the use of the tact switch. For example, using the tact switch for a long time will damage the internal metal shrapnel. Then I will explain to everyone in detail the type of metal shrapnel inside the tact switch and its performance analysis.

Analysis of the metal type of the shrapnel inside the tact switch

First of all, the tact switch's most common internal metal shrapnel is round, round, triangle, and ellipse. Still, for the two types of triangle and ellipse, it is rarely used for the internal metal shrapnel of the tact switch because these two kinds of Not only does it have no advantages in shape, but it is also very general in terms of operating feel, stroke, sound, etc. Hence, the shrapnel currently used in the light touch switch is generally circular or circular.

The round metal shrapnel of the tact switch belongs to the shortest kind of shrapnel shape, and it is also the most used metal shrapnel inside the tact switch. It has a significant advantage in stroke and is not weaker in terms of feel—any shape of metal shrapnel. Used for light-touch switches, they are much better than others in shape. The only downside is that the sound is not as straightforward as a cross. However, the current requirements of many high-end electrical appliances are not clear sound but reflect the speed and operating feel. These two points are also satisfied with the round pot piece, so at present, the most widely used metal shrapnel inside the tact switch is round.

However, the cross-shaped metal shrapnel is the key shrapnel with the most significant stroke, but this type of cross-shaped shrapnel is generally rarely used intact switches. Because of the large stroke, it takes a long time to contact the conductive parts during operation. It can also show that the response speed is slow. Although the cross-shaped metal shrapnel has a significant advantage in clear sound, it is also the most transparent sound among all metal shrapnel shapes, but the cloud word may only use cross-shaped metal when special needs are required. Shrapnel.


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