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Related analysis report of metal dome(2)

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Performance analysis of metal dome inside the tact switch

In using the touch switch, operating different strengths will make the internal metal shrapnel get different operating feelings. Still, the service life mainly depends on the internal shrapnel. However, these metal shrapnels are currently divided into imported and domestically produced. Generally speaking, imported metal shrapnels are better than domestic metal shrapnels. Nowadays, most high-end products use imported metal shrapnels for tact switches. , The main advantage of this kind of metal shrapnel is that it has a long life, a better operating feel, and has better resilience and temperature, and cold resistance.

Therefore, the metal shrapnel can be said to be one of the core components of the critical hub of the touch switch. It controls the energization and de-energization of the switch, and the primary function of the switch is to realize the disconnection and passage of the overcurrent. In the early days, the metal shrapnel used this shrapnel to control the passage and disconnection of the current of the entire switch before there was no light touch switch. If there is no such shrapnel, the entire switch is equivalent to an empty shell, and the functions it wants to achieve are unusable.

Analysis of the service life of the metal dome of the tact switch

The light touch switch is an electronic key switch. Its working principle is to turn the switch on by lightly pressing the switch button. When the hand is released, the switch is turned off. The force of the metal shrapnel mainly realizes its internal structure—this series of functions. The only one that is working is the internal metal shrapnel. The service life of this shrapnel alone can generally reach 1 million times. However, with the frequent use of the switch, the current use of the touch switch can only reach 100,000 times.


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