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Metal Dome Technical Specification Sheet

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DongChen is a professional custom metal dome manufacturer in China, our production technology guarantees that even after the strict overload test.

Circle shape metal dome

Metal Dome Technical Specification Sheet
No.Technical   index classificationGeneral   technical indicatorsCorresponding   testing equipment
1Life of metal domeRoundGP-RA-500-3 Life Tester
1. Can hit 1 million times;
2. After 1 million tests of Force and Click Ratio, compared with the initial value, the rate of change is <30%;
Waist round
1. The industry requires 500,000 times, and our company performs inspections according to the requirements of 1 million times;
2. After Force and Click Ratio are tested 500,000 times, compared with the initial value, the change rate is <30%;
2Custom metal dome shapeRound/waist   round/quadruple/triangle/abnormal/
3Force/Click Ratio.   Force: 100gf~300gf; (Tolerance: ±20gf)Manual or S205 load curve tester
. Click Ratio: 50±15% (normal)
4Metal dome stroke0.13~0.22mm (different due to different specifications of shrapnel)S205   load curve tester
5Metal dome size tolerance.   Tolerance of feeding shrapnel: +0, -0.05mm (normal)JT-300A projector
. Tolerance of positioning aperture: +0.05mm;
. Shape tolerance: ±0.1mm;
. Dome to Dome center tolerance: ±0.13mm;
. Tolerance between positioning hole and Dome center: ±0.15mm;
. Tolerance from positioning hole to positioning hole: ±0.1mm;
6High   temperature and humidity85±5℃,   place 48H at 90% R.H., and restore 2H at room temperature after the test.LTH-A-80   programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine
7Salt spray testThe   temperature is 35±2℃, the salt solution concentration is 5±1% (mass   percentage), and the time is 24±1 hours. The salt deposits after the test are   washed away with water;Salt   spray test machine
8Thickness   of nickel plating on the surface of shrapnel0.2~0.3μm;/
9Initial force test of glue4↑(Unit:No/Ball)Rubber   initial force tester
10Rubber   retention test8↑(Unit:hr/kg*inch)Adhesive   material retention tester
11Adhesion test of adhesive0.6↑(Unit:kgf/inch)Adhesive   Tester
12Rubber shrinkageMD(%):0.5   ↓ CD(%):0.3 ↓Shrink oven
13Static shielding net resistance<1Ω,   2Ω, 3Ω; (full screen/grid-like two ways)TH2511 DC low resistance tester
14Momentary   contact resistance<1Ω
15Shielding   net hardness test2H   pencil/
16Shielding   net adhesion test3M800#Test   tape/
17Total   height of Metal Dome0.28~0.305mm   (conventional)Thickness   gauge
18Total thickness of substrate0.05mm,   0.075mm, 0.1mm, 0.125mm;Thickness gauge
(The above 4 thicknesses are common)
19Dimple point selectionThe   number of dots on the concave surface of the shrapnel;/
0/1/3/4/5 points;


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