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Introduction to metal dome

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metal dome

Metal dome is made of ultra-thin and ultra-thick stainless steel 301 or 304. Metal dome is an important part of switch, mainly used in film switch, contact switch, PCB board, FPC board, medical equipment and other products.

General conventional metal shrapnel can be divided into round metal shrapnel, cross metal shrapnel, triangle metal shrapnel and oval metal

 shrapnel according to their different shapes. They range in diameter from 3mm to 20mm and strength from 100GF to 600GF.

The metal dome is also the only metal component of the membrane switch, metal dome has been widely applied, but many dome used relatively

 chaos, especially in the flexible circuits, just take it as a handle components for use, so that the thin switch performance to produce a lot of 

disadvantages, even lose membrane switch role.

In general,metal dome has many advantages.The metal shrapnel is made of stainless steel, which is an important part of the switch. It has good 

conductivity and feel. With the help of the bounce of the shrapnel, it provides the operator with tactile feedback.Shell is mainly used for printed

circuit board and other rigid plate membrane switch, such as mobile phone, cordless phone, Internet phone, CD/VCD/DVD, radio, digital camera,

MP3 / MP4, gaming devices, electronic dictionaries, etc., give full play to the strong connectivity of a shrapnel, a stable rebound and feel nice 

three advantages, surface treatment has a gold-plated, silver plating and nickel plating.

This is the introduction of matal dome to everyone news will introduce the features of metal dome to you.if you like,welcome to watch.


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