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Introduction of Poly Dome

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Poly dome, that is, membrane button switch, it is a kind of button with good touch feeling formed by printing a layer of conductive paste on the film sheet (PET) and forming the contact by hot pressing. It can be firmly bonded to The silicone button is used as a switch, and it feels very good.

Working principle: Poly dome is located above the conductive part on the PCB. When the button is pressed, the center of the contact is concave, and the conductive paste printed on the contact contacts the circuit on the PCB, thus forming a loop, and the entire product can be normal jobs.

Poly dome is more stable than conductive silicone, has a longer service life and a better touch! It can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers: the elasticity value and stroke value, the adjustable range is larger than that of the Metal dome product, and the product assembly is also more Convenience!

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