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Introduction Of Four Legs Metal Dome

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Introduction of four legs metal dome

four legs metal dome is also called a cross-shaped metal dome, four-legged metal dome four-legged tactile dome, four-legged metal dome, and cross dome.

Four Legs Metal Dome

Specifications and technical parameters of four legs metal dome

Contact Configuration: SPST, Normally Open

Contact Bounce (on): <.3ms

Contact Bounce (off): <6ms

Operating temperature: -55 C to 125 C

Storage temperature: -55 C to 125 C

Temperature: 0-97% (no condensation)

Contact resistance (normal): <100 ohms

Nickel plating: <1 ohm

Gold or nickel plated: <1 ohm

Maximum voltage/current: 12mA @ 24V DC

Decomposition voltage: more than 200V

The working principle of four legs metal dome

The four legs metal dome is located on the conductive part of the PCB (mostly located above the golden fingers on the PCB). When pressed, the central recess of the dome will be recessed and contact with the circuit on the PCB, thereby forming a circuit, and the current will pass, the whole product can work normally. With the help of metal conductivity, it plays a high-quality switch between the operator and the product. Stable click rate and longer service life can provide operators with high-quality touch.


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