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How does metal dome array work (3)

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After understanding the working principle of the metal dome array, maybe you have some interest in it. So at the end of the article, we will introduce you to how to get your product.


We, Dongchen Electronics Co., Ltd., are a senior electronic hardware manufacturing and processing enterprise. We were established in 2007. Rich experience and talent reserve can provide you with the best service. From design and development to production and sales, we can provide a complete set of services.


We also have diversified solutions to support customer needs. The metal dome is of high quality and has many varieties. Suppose you can't find what you need in the existing metal domes. We also have custom metal domes, which can meet any of your needs.


The rubber glue dome array is also a low-cost assembly unit. Today, with highly developed automation, the application of rubber glue dome array has become very common. This technology is also very mature. So after receiving your order drawings, we can provide samples within three days. Can make your product development more efficient.


I believe that after reading this article, you can completely trust us. Do your products under development need our rubber glue dome array? Our professional team is always ready to serve you, as long as you contact us now!


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