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Custom Four Legs Metal Dome, choose DongChen. as a professional Stainless Steel Domes supplier, focus on four leg series metal domes, OEM & ODM are welcome.

Four Legs Metal Dome Stainless Steel

Four leg series metal domes:

Four legs metal dome is also named as a cross metal dome, four-legged metal dome, four-leg tactile dome, 4 leg dome, four-leg dome, cross dome.

Features of four legs metal dome 

higher travel, clear sound when operating, Four legs metal dome W/O feet is used together with polyester with adhesive, which force & travel is bigger than any other type of metal dome.

Parameters of four legs metal dome 

1. Common materials: SUS301 and SUS304

2. Surface treatment: nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating

3. Common diameter: 5mm to 20mm, etc

4. Commonly used strength: 130g-400g, etc

5. Contact resistance: gold-plated < < < < stainless steel plating nickel silver plated 1 Ω

6. Storage temperature: -40℃ -85 ℃

7. Life test: more than 100,000 times

8. Shrapnel vertex: no vertex, 1 vertex

9. The working principle of the Four legs metal dome is based on the dome at the top of the metal dome as the main interface and the four feet extending outwards as the support. When the main interface is under the pressure of the operator, the dome at the center of the main interface contacts the PAD on the line, and then forms a loop with the four legs, thus causing the phenomenon of conducting.



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