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Light guide film is a domestic leading technology. It is a product that converts the point light source of the LED into a surface light source through a color light guide film. Through the principle of optical refraction, the key surface can be illuminated uniformly and softly and can achieve high brightness. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin, uniform luminescence, and multi-color changes. It is mainly used in various electronic keys, which can enrich your keys.

Light Guide Film Overview

The light guide film LGF is a product that converts the point light source of the LED into a surface light source through a color light guide film. Applied to the backlight of mobile phone keys. It is a transparent film with a high refractive index and light transmittance, and the surface has a different density of dot microstructures. The total reflection phenomenon occurs by using the difference of the refractive index of the light between the media, and the light is directed from the surface by the destruction of the dot microstructure. It is a low-cost and low-energy light-conducting material.

Principle Of Light Guide Film

The light guide film is the leading domestic technology and has a tendency to replace the EL function. The light source is 1-4 LED lights. Through the principle of optical refraction, the button surface can emit light evenly and softly and can obtain high brightness. At the same time, the dark area can be adjusted during design. The light intensity can reach more than 100 chopped deal. Through the hot-pressing process, the precise optical dots or micro prism structure on the mold are copied to the surface of the PC film. The optical microstructure can effectively refract the light that is totally reflected in the PC film out of the surface of the PC film.

Advantages Of The Light Guide Film

1. Low price

2. Even light emission

3. Diversified colors on the same plane

4. Good stability and easy assembly

5. Ultra-thin does not affect the feel; the thickness is 0.125MM

Light Guide Film Characteristics

1. The structure itself has no special requirements for the circuit part;

2. Good lighting effect, uniform brightness and high light intensity;

3. Good physical stability and abrasion resistance, the service life of the product can reach more than 1 million times;

4. Combined with metal shrapnel conductive film, it does not affect the feel of the Metal Dome;

5. Save LED lights and power consumption. Generally, only two LED lights are needed for the small area backlight of mobile phones;

6. Lightweight, soft, thin thickness, thickness 0.125mm, used in mobile phones, different from the light guide plate will take up more space.


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