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Classification of Stainless Steel Dome

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Stainless steel dome

Stainless steel dome should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact strength and good heat treatment performance. Commonly used carbon shrapnel steel, alloy shrapnel steel, stainless shrapnel steel and copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber.

The common cold-rolling method of dome wire diameter less than 8 mm, and the hot-rolling method will be replaced by those larger than 8 mm. Some stainless steel dome are also subjected to strong pressure or shot blasting after being manufactured, which can improve the carrying capacity of the shrapnel.

Stainless steel dome is divided according to the nature of the force, the spring can be divided into tension spring, compression spring, torsion spring and bending spring; according to the shape can be divided into disc spring, ring spring, leaf spring, coil spring, truncated cone scroll spring and Ordinary cylinder springs are relatively easy to manufacture, and can produce various types according to load conditions, with simple structure and wide application.

According to the nature of the force, the stainless steel dome can be divided into tensile shrapnel, compressed shrapnel, twisted shrapnel and curved shrapnel. According to the shape, it can be divided into disc-shaped shrapnel, ring-shaped shrapnel, plate shrapnel, spiral shrapnel, truncated cone scroll shrapnel and torsion bar shrapnel, etc.


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