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Application Of Stainless Steel Dome

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Stainless steel dome is a widely used elastic element in the mechanical and electronic industries. stainless steel dome is widely used in stamping parts, vacuum tube tension spring clamps, lamp clamp springs, tube making, and cold bending forming because of its excellent elasticity and physical functions. And auto parts and other industrial industries.

Stainless steel dome is suitable for:

1. Movement of control machinery, such as valve shrapnel in internal combustion engine, control shrapnel in clutch, etc.

2. Absorb oscillation and impact energy, such as buffer shrapnel under cars and train cars, shock-absorbing shrapnel in couplings, etc.

3. Store and output energy as power, such as wall clock shrapnel, shrapnel in firearms, etc.

4. Used as a force-measuring element, such as force-measuring device, shrapnel in shrapnel scale, etc.


Stainless steel dome is generally a non-standard product, the shape looks the same, but the size, force value, and space are slightly different, so it must be customized. If you need stainless steel dome, please contac: DONGCHEN.


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