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Advantages Of Four Legs Metal Domes

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four leg metal domes

Advantages Of Four Legs Metal Domes

The four legs metal domes are small shrapnel on the electronic product, which is used to control a switch of the product. If it is pressed, the circuit is connected. If it is not pressed, the circuit is closed. At present, the domestic production of four leg series metal domes generally uses stainless steel 301 material, and many foreign countries use 304 material. The material of 304 will be better than the material of 301. Our factory will purchase the corresponding materials according to the requirements of customers.

Four leg series metal domes is more durable due to its shape advantage, and can generally be used 300-500,000 times. It also has a stable rebound force. Secondly, the four legs metal domes have excellent electrical conductivity, so the probability of failure of an electronic key product is very low. It is also officially a key switch on various electronic products because of its good rebound force.

In the market, there are many electronic products that use four-legs metal domes. Many customers will buy four-legs metal domes. The stability of the product and the life of the product will be tested before the product leaves the factory, which guarantees consumers.


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