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Production process of metal dome

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metal dome looks like a small button shrapnel, and it needs to go through many processes to complete in production. Friends who knowmetal dome should have heard thatmetal dome has life and strength, and can use different types of materials, such as There are many stainless steel sus301 materials in China and many stainless steel sus304 materials in foreign countries. We are curious if the material of the pot is the same. Why the strength and life are not the same? This is related to the production process of the pot. Next, let's look at the production process of metal dome.

To produce pan-flakes, we must first use the material required by the merchant. This step is often referred to as material selection. Generally, 301 materials can meet the needs of most customers. Customers with special needs can use 304 materials or tin-plated pans. Gold, silver and other processing to meet the actual needs of customers. After confirming the material, the same step of stamping is important. This step is important to effectively determine the strength and avoid secondary adjustment. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the strength before use to avoid unnecessary process troubles.

  The stamped pan is basically formed, but it is not ready for use. It has a lot of burrs on it, and the spring sheet has no resilience. It is easy to be damaged during use, so we need to plate, heat treat, Deburring, riveting, threading and other processes, in order to facilitate the proper service life of the pot pieces required by the customer, and to avoid the workers being injured by burrs during the assembly process, and also properly increase the gloss of the shrapnel and its friction ability. It can be used better and longer during use without departing from its original position.

  Of course, the pot pieces have been completed, but the pot pieces that have just been produced cannot be used directly with the product. We also need to clean them before shipment. The purpose of cleaning is to prevent the finished product from being spent during assembly. However, quality inspection is a very important step. In the production of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pan-flakes, if there is no timely sampling test, there may be problems with the entire batch of goods. This kind of problem cannot be said to be Defective products may be the strength or the life is different from the orderer. The outrageous size tolerance range is too large. The inconsistency of these parameters will cause a certain loss to the manufacturing, because the pot pieces are special customized products and different from other products. The product can be used by others. Therefore, this step of quality inspection is a more important step for every manufacturer of pancake tablets.


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