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Introduction to the travel of the metal shrapnel inside the tact switch

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 The stroke of the tact switch is mainly directly related to the internal metal shrapnel. The stroke refers to the distance between the shrapnel and the internal conductive part. This distance is generally between 0.13-0.5. Different shapes of metal shrapnels have different distances, and different sizes of metal shrapnels have different distances.

 We all know that the cross-shaped metal shrapnel is the keystroke with the longest stroke. It is rarely used to act as a non-shrap inside the tact switch. Because of the large stroke, it will take a long time to contact the conductive part during the operation. It's slow. In terms of sound clarity, the cross-shaped metal shrapnel has a great advantage. It is the clearest sound of all metal shrapnel shapes, so cross-shaped metal shrapnel may also be used under special needs.

      The round metal dome is the shortest one among the dome shapes, and it is also the most used metal dome inside the tact switch. It not only has a great advantage in stroke, but also is not weaker than any shape metal dome. . Used for tactile switches, it also has certain advantages in shape. The only drawback is that the sound is not cross-shaped, but at present many high-end appliances require not clear sound, but reflect speed and operating feel. These two circular pots The clip is also satisfied, so the most used metal shrapnel inside the tact switch is circular.

The most commonly used are triangles and ovals. These two are rarely used for tactile switches inside metal shrapnels. They not only have no standing advantage in shape, but also do not have advantages in terms of operation feel, stroke, sound, etc., so they are currently used. The shrapnel inside the tact switch is generally circular or cross-shaped.

      In addition, there is an infrequently used quad metal shrapnel. It was one of the most commonly used shrapnels in the tact switch, because it has a certain shape advantage. It is almost similar to the shape of a tact switch. In the original position, it was later discovered that the round metal dome also has a stable fixing ability, and is also better than the quadrilateral metal dome in other aspects, and is gradually replaced by the round metal dome.

      The above mentioned are all conventional tact switches, and some special metal shrapnels that require special touch switches may be used differently.


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