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How does metal dome array work (1)

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A metal dome array is an independent circuit system. It is an array switch composed of multiple metal domes. Generally speaking, the structure of the metal dome array mainly has four layers. The most surface layer is the front foil. It is covered with spacer, which is the most critical metal dome. The bottom layer is composed of a button circuit and back adhesive. The button circuit is the key to the conduction circuit. The back adhesive mainly plays a supporting role.


The main component of the front foil is polymer so that it can be transparent. And it can provide functions such as waterproofing. There are many varieties of metal domes, which depend on your choice. If your needs are unique, you can custom metal domes. When you press, the metal domes and the lower button circuit touch each other, creating the button's circuit.


The above is the main composition of the metal dome array. We will continue to update this series of articles in the follow-up. If you need this, you can leave your contact information. We will get back to you in time.


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