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Backlight Used in various LCM modules, remote controls, instruments, audio panels LCD, medical equipment, smart home appliances controllers, communication modules, smart display backlights, digital clocks, toys, gifts, digital electronics, communications products , Sports equipment, mobile DVD, car dashboard, etc. The backlight is thin and light, beautiful in appearance, easy to assemble, long LED life, high brightness, excellent uniformity, energy saving and environmental protection, and can be adjusted in various colors according to customer requirements.
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The following is the product structure diagram


Factors affecting luminescence


Product characteristics:

First, ultra-thin

1.PC film as substrate (0.075 ~ 0.125mm)

2.The light source is close to the key surface

3.High brightness and high uniformity

Second, the use cost is low

1.Compared with EL backlight, it can save more than 60% of cost.

2.Compared with silicone backlight, it can save more than 30% of cost.

Third, no electromagnetic interference

1.0.4 ~ 0.6mm side-emitting LED as light source (1 ~ 4pcs)

2.DC power supply (3v ~ 4.2v 15mA / PCS)

Fourth, durable

1.LED life is 50,000 hours.

2.LGF has stable physical and chemical properties and is resistant to impact. Working temperature can range from -20 ° C to 100 ° C

Product development cycle

Black and white/TFT Backlight category New project development cycle
Black and white screen products(No light source) 15-20 days
Black and white screen products(With light source) 15-20 days
Industrial control,Instrumentation products New project development cycle
Five-open mold(2 Iron frame+1Plastic frame+1 Light Guide Film+FPC) 20-25 days
Four-open mold(1 Iron frame+1Plastic frame+1 Light Guide Film+FPC 18-25 days



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